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A significant difference may be the result of minor change and it truly applies when it comes to a healthy life. Minor adjustments, a bit of exercise, some good habits and some green juice every day, that’s all you need to improve your health inside out.

Green vegs are famous for their ability to purify, regenerate and heal your body inside out. The nutrition of the green vegs absorbs quickly and transforms the body into a fresh and evergreen existence. Today, we are going to present you some impressive benefits of green juices. 


1. Grow Smart

Most of us have tried a number of weight-loss tips only to face disappointment in the long run. It’s time to seek help from nature. The fresh green juice is the best replacement for bulky snacks and heavy lunch. Green juice satisfies your body’s hunger for the nutrients and calories but in a muchcleaner manner.

The ingredients of the green juice serve to remove the toxins from the body. We call it the natural internal cleansing of your body.

What’s more! Let’s not forget the amino acids we get from the leafy greens. If you’re suffering from the amino acid deficiency, we suggest you drink a glass of fresh green juice every day. In addition, the regular intake of the green juice is best for the people looking to get rid of:

  • Eye-bags
  • Clods
  • Insomnia
  • Brittle nails
  • Lackluster hair

2. Restore the pH Balance

An unbalanced pH of your body disturbs its functions. It either grows more acidic or more alkaline. The suitable value for the human body ranges from 7.35pH to 7.45pH.


The natural buffer system inside the body keeps the pH within the recommended range. But bad habits such as the consumption of processed food and alcohol disturb the pH balance. It may lead to a weakening of the bones, the stiffness of the joints, poor digestion, and increased fatigue. The body then looks for more minerals to support the buffering system and this is where the green juice comes into play.

The simple, inexpensive, and reliable solutions are to start consuming a glass of green juice every day (with breakfast is much better).


3. Start Growing Younger 

Aging normally corresponds to getting old but you can reverse the process or at least slow it down with the help of green juices.


But how?

Herbs, leafy greens and vegs contain antioxidants. They resist oxidative damage. Oxidative damage often leads to diabetes, cardiac issues, and even cancer. Fruits and vegetables come with the priceless gift of powerful antioxidants.


The Imperial College London supervised as many as 95 studies and the results demonstrated that 10 servings (of vegetables and fruits) per day shield your body from the effects of common as well as fatal diseases. 

4. Get Rid of Toxins

Most of us pay great attention to protecting our bodies from the toxic materials but it is just the one side; the external protection. We must seriously consider the protection of the body from the inside as well. The liver suffers the most. Green juices protect your liver by eliminating the toxic materials.


Cruciferous vegs – broccoli for instance – is very helpful for your liver during the Phase II detoxification. It helps your liver to wash off the toxins quickly and efficiently. 

6. Improve Your Body’s Immunity

A poor or damaged immune system is suggestive of the invasion of serious diseases. This is why can’t compromise even for a while. Thanks to nature’s best gifts, we don’t have to spend thousands of bucks every month.


Green vegetables provide the necessary nutrients your body needs to improve its immune system. For instance, if you suffer from zinc deficiency, you can easily catch a cold. Vitamin C is the best natural fighter in such conditions. Drinking fresh green juice or a daily basis means that you are replenishing the nutrients your body needs regularly.

Why visit the pharmacies? Go to the vegetable market or plant some in your own orchard! 


7. Improve Your Complexion

Leonardo Da Vinci must have spent less time with brushes than a lady wearing makeup every day. It often surprises us to realize the extent to which some industries have invaded our lives. The cosmetics industry is just a single invasion!


Why on earth one needs to apply chemicals to our skin? We have green vegetables and delicious fruits to serve the purpose with their minerals, vitamins,and enzymes to keep our skin fresh and healthy.

A study conducted in St Andrews University concludes that regular consumption of fruits and vegetables improves the skin tone and it glows better. The chances of hair fall also decrease. It’s the time to out all the trash you store in your drawers and return to nature to attain permanent and genuine beauty! 


Bonus – Our Green Juice Recipe

Thanks for staying with us and we appreciate your patience! It’s an honor to present you with a little yet effective gift, our best green juice recipe.

  • Preparation Time: 20 Minutes Maximum
  • Servings = 2


  • Wash the ingredients carefully and thoroughly.
  • Push the ingredients through the juicer one after the other
  • Use ice to keep it cold (during summer of course)

Note: DO NOT wait because as soon as the oxygen makes contact with the ingredients, it starts degrading them. Drink the juice straightaway.


Wishing you an evergreen life, have a great day, a healthy life, and keep smiling


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